A true professional and valuable resource to us as buyers

We worked with Lauren on the recent purchase of our new home and she was absolutely fantastic! Each time we looked at something she really listened to our feedback and understood exactly what was important to us. Although under a tight deadline, we were not willing to compromise and her dedication to helping us find the right place was unwavering.  

Lauren made us feel as though we were her only client, even though that definitely was not the case! She was quick to provide us with new, quality listings, or research potential properties and disclosures on ones that we had found.

Lauren is a true professional and was a valuable resource to us as buyers. Not only is she knowledgeable in so many areas, but we had several unusual situations come up and each time she dove in, educating herself and us along the way so we could make the best decisions. When we finally found our new home she was amazing – amidst a multiple offer situation, she was on the phone with me putting our offer together while out with friends on a Saturday night. Working with our financing person, she submitted a strong offer on our behalf by 11 PM that night and was following up at 7 AM the next morning to ensure everything was in order. Yes, we got the house!  Getting to the closing was a breeze, Lauren was right there again working with the financing company, lawyers and sellers agent every step of the way.   

Needless to say, I highly recommend Lauren to anybody looking for a hands-on agent who is going to work hard to help them find their perfect home.